New Logo & Broadcasting Channels

Happy Sunday, Legends! We want to thank all of you for joining our Discord and choosing to be part of the organization. We are at the very beginning stages and want to remind you all that it is only going to get better from here on out with improvements and interactions!

Before we get into our first addition to the Discord server, we would like to share with you the official 4Legends Media logo in its full, original size. Feel free to use this on any platform you deem appropriate to spread the word! Our very first logo will be archived at this time, you may come across it on our Masterbook and other official documentation – we are in the process of making the needed changes.

To allow for better engagement on this Discord server and to maintain a close connection between our very own broadcasters, we have decided to introduce exclusive channels to our broadcasters where they can choose to use based on their own discretion. These channels can be found under “4Legends Streams” – currently the 6th category down. Some examples include using their own channel for LIVE streams, speaking to their audience, or just simply a hangout for miscellaneous purposes.

If you would like to request to join a broadcaster in their respective channel, please join the “Stream Queue.” We encourage to interact with the broadcaster beforehand so that arrangements can be made to accommodate you and any parties you are bringing along!

Once again, on behalf of management we are thrilled to have you here and can’t wait to create memories with all of you!

4Legends Media