Official Community Minecraft Server

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No spamming 
No griefing (refer to Raiding/PVP rules)
Be kind and friendly to others – no derogatory remarks
No use of hacking/software to gain an unfair advantage
Any players found not reporting bugs or exploits and using it to their advantage, will be punished accordingly (IE: opening a faction-restricted door)

Must be in a rogue society (faction) to participate in raids and PVP.
Peaceful societies (faction) and non-societies (non-faction) cannot be raided/attacked or participate in raids/PVP.
Any official 4LM bases/premises (such as spawn) cannot be raided/attacked.
PVP cannot be conducted within surrounding areas.

Definition of Societies
A society is another term for “faction” on the server. Types of societies hold different rules and guidelines.

Peaceful society: a faction that is not willing to participate in raids or PVP. These types of societies are groups who wish to follow a survival-based gamemode. 
Rogue society: a faction that is willing to participate in raids or PVP. These types of societies are groups who want to be attacked or participate in attacks.

Strike System for Societies
To ensure all rogue societies are following raid/PVP rules, a strike system is in place:

If a rogue society reaches a total of 3 strikes, the entire faction will be disbanded (faction’s bases and items will be removed).
Strikes are administered by management only and cannot be appealed.
A strike may be lifted after an extended period of time or if said faction improves their behavior and approach towards the server.

Reasons for strikes are but not limited to:
Faction member cheating (hacking)
Attacking/raiding a peaceful society
Attacking/raiding a non-faction member

In the event that a faction is disbanded, involved members are forbidden from joining or creating new factions for an extended period of time.