Introducing Official Members, Recruitment & Website Update

Happy Saturday, Legends! For this week, we’ve got quite a bit to announce and to keep you in the loop for. We are beyond excited to finally be able to show you everything we’ve been working on!

Introducing Official Members
Starting today, we will be introducing and welcoming our official members across social media. Our introductions will begin with our management team, followed by our broadcasters, and finally our moderators. Today, our management team’s posts have already been submitted. Tomorrow, we will begin posting our introductions for our broadcasters. Each day, for the next 6 days our broadcasters will be introduced individually with a personalized picture. On the 7th day, we will introduce our moderators. Finally, on the 8th day our long awaited “Introducing 4Legends Media” YouTube video will be uploaded.

We would greatly appreciate your efforts on Twitter with our management post to increase engagement!

The link can be found below.

Since we’ve been launched to the public, we’ve had several creators approach us on information in regards to joining our organization. Our Recruitment Manager, Iron Panda has created a system to allow you to inform management of your interest. A form has been made with a number of questions about you, and your journey with content creation to be able to consider you as a potential member. To access this form, navigate to our website and click “Join” – located on the upper right hand side of the site.

Please be aware that submitting this form does not guarantee a position within 4Legends Media. Good luck!

Website Update
Along with the production of our introduction video, we’ve been working on improving our website. This week, we added new pages to allow navigation to be at ease. Our highlighted feature is the new “About” page that features a brief description about our organization, a few statistics, followed by a full roster of our teams. This page will be a work in progress as we continue to improve and grow in size. To allow for increased website traffic and popularity, we’ve decided to introduce a “News” page and widget on the site. Our original intent was to begin directing the community to the News page with this announcement, however we’ve decided to begin doing such with our next community announcement. We want to make sure you are informed first, on where to find announcements moving forward. In the future, we will continue to ping community announcements here on the Discord server, however the entirety of its contents will be on the site – a direct link to said announcement will be provided. For the last website update, we’ve recently added the ability to view a desired broadcaster’s stream without leaving our site and going to Twitch – try it out by simply clicking on a broadcaster’s stream on the home page or by selecting “Streams” in the navigation bar.

Management has also added two custom redirect subdomains that you are welcome to use to spread our community among others:


Each of these links will redirect to the appropriate destinations!

Finally, we want to thank you all for the commitment you’ve shown to our organization at such an early stage. We hope that you are keeping safe and doing the necessary procedures throughout this difficult time. Remember, we are all here for each other and will do everything that we can to assist.

Let’s continue looking forward!


4Legends Media