Introducing 4LM Minecraft

Hey Legends!

We’ve got some exciting news today for the entire community! Since we’ve launched, we’ve been in discussion in regards to ways we can bring everyone together to emphasize the importance of the strong relationships we are wanting to build.

As you can guess, we are going to begin achieving that through gaming. Many factors were taken into consideration to decide the game; number of players, dedicated servers, development, and funding. Among all of that, choosing a popular and well-known game was at the top of the list.

The game we have chosen is Minecraft! Minecraft is a diverse game where the possibilities are endless and has been around for a very long time. 4LM has created a server for our current and future members. The server is a survival-based game mode with necessary plugins/commands to enhance the experience.

We want to thank our Community Manager Patrykskiii and Moderator Boujee for their help on getting the server online with great functionality! They have both exceeded our expectations to create a server that is well developed.

With the Minecraft server, we will be introducing community game nights. Although the server will be online at any moment, there will be designated days where management will be encouraging the community to get together 🙂

The server remains private as of right now to allow for participation in our first game night, this Saturday @ 8 PM PST. It will remain open following the event!

In regards to our first game night, management alongside official 4LM members will begin entering our public voice chat at approximately 7:55 PST. The voice chat will be open to anyone who wishes to join for a great time.

Our Recruitment Manager, Panda will be posting the official video reveal of the server with another ping very shortly!

We can’t wait to see you all in-game, creating awesome memories 🙂

4Legends Media