4Legends Media is a media organization passionate about gaming and content creation. Founded by aspiring Streamers, the management team is dedicated to supporting all of its members. Each 4LM team-member is hand-picked based on their unique personality, content, and their devotion to content creation.

4Legends Media was founded in 2019 by 4 friends who saw a need for highly-motivated entertainers who could help create a community. Working remotely from their makeshift β€œstream-rooms”, Panda, Niko, Pat, and Jack spent their evenings building a media organization by bringing together their respective communities in the gaming sphere. As 4LM expands, it remains dedicated in it’s endeavors and continues to foster a close sense of camaraderie and building a community that mutually benefits the needs of all.

How did it begin?

It began in 2016 when four small streamers met for the first time.

Meeting on YouTube’s very first step into live streaming: YouTube Gaming – Panda, Niko, Pat, and Jack had very little knowledge of their futures not just as individual steamers but also together. Panda and Niko met on a streamer’s LIVE chat, becoming moderators for the said streamer, and eventually starting streams of their own claiming the title of streamer. While Panda began on console and remained on just that one platform for sometime, Niko was a PC gamer with intentions of encouraging Panda’s switch.

Months later, Panda joined Niko on PC playing H1Z1 (for perspective in regards to time) as his first ever PC game. They eventually branched into other games as their channels continued to show steady progress. The brotherhood was well underway as their nights on their Discord servers grew longer but it wasn’t until a certain game that sparked the true lift off.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege allowed both Panda’s and Niko’s channels to climb to exceptional places. Shortly after the introduction of Rainbow Six to their nightly stream routine, the duo met Jack and turned it into a trio. Wiser and mature in age, Jack allowed the trio to gain insight into creating a positive community. As the year went by, Niko’s childhood friend who he met through online gaming as well: Pat, joined the squad to complete the first legendary team – continuing to create content through the years while branching into other platforms.

The Current & Future

That team is known today as 4Legends Media, joining their communities together to make one. The team understood the need for a place for creators and their followings to feel welcomed and to overcome the negatives with the unfortunate aspects of the creative space. Today, 4LM has a Discord server exceeding a thousand members in just months to come who all align with their core values: compassion, positivity, and integrity.

The founding members continue to create a supportive community for all creators regardless of size or status – a support system for those in need whether it be for gaming or the daily challenges that life may bring.

Today, Panda and Niko remains co-owners of the organization with Tina and Breezy joining their leadership as managers. Tina, around since the beginning days of each owner – brings commitment and loyalty to spread among the team. Her work ethic strives to be the best, envisioning 4LM’s structure to surpass organizational goals.

Since 4LM’s launch in 2019, we have maintained a consistent team who proves that yes it is best to succeed together.

We remain firm on our values as we continue to make our way into the industry, inviting those who find desire in joining our community. A community of not just numbers but also of long lasting relationships that ultimately symbolize the importance of each other.

4Legends Media